j. bell & the Lazy Susan Band




Time lapse making of the “Dangerous” video:

j. bell tearin’ it up a bit at Mattie’s on Main in Minneapolis 7.17.15

$80 Whiskey A Cappella Music Video!!!

When the Band started learning the new songs from the album, I got really excited to work out three part harmonies with $2 Bill Turner and BPZMAG. One night after a rehearsal, we stayed back and sang a few of the tunes A Cappella and it was very fun. Those 2 are such great singers and they make me sound much better than I am. We recorded a version of $80 Whiskey on our phones and I really wanted to record a live vocal only version of the song. The incomparable Jason Narverud fromJason Narverud Photography (who designed this site, took all of our photos, helped design everything for the $80 Whiskey release and basically is a giant reason that this record even exists) suggested a music video capturing how much we like singing together. That was all it took and here is the result – enjoy!



Here is a live performance from Hefty’s in Bayport this past summer.

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